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    Actuarial & Data Science

    Our team brings together data science with a thorough knowledge of life insurance specifics.
    The actuaries of Vereycken & Vereycken are a strong team. They support life insurance companies in several ways, such as:
    • Support for the actuarial calculations
    • Support for reporting, product development, profit-test of new tariffs, risk management, …
    • Support for the migration of life insurance portfolios (mostly to the UL3 software)
    Distinctively for the actuarial team of Vereycken & Vereycken is their innovative approach of data science applied on the life insurance industry. They understand how to extract useful information out of structured and unstructured data. The newest methodologies combined with the thorough knowledge of the sector results in new great insights.


    Of course, we cannot tell you everything on our website. Contact us so we can assess together how we can collaborate!

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    Of course, we cannot not tell everything on our website. If you are interested to collaborate, or if you are just curious, contact us! Together, we can quickly assess how we can help you the best.