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    We think together with the life insurer about business process management and we always consider the reporting duties towards all stakeholders of these processes
    The organization of administrative process in the life insurance industry is an interesting area of expertise: it requires multidisciplinary domain knowledge and a sound logical insight for business organization. We at Vereycken & Vereycken are excited every time we can simplify and improve processes for a life insurance company. Our team of business process specialists are working on this day after day, gaining insights at different life insurance companies to implement best practices in order to achieve the highest level of operational excellence.

    What cannot be underestimated, is the importance of reporting in these processes. The right information should flow to the stakeholders of each and every process in an agile manner, which requires in-depth business knowledge and performant software solutions.

    The authorities are of course a special stakeholder in this who requires reporting to their systems. Connecting to DB2P, CAP, RIZIV, NBB, FSMA, Tax Administration, Deposit and Consignment Office, … is only possible if it is efficiently implemented in software so that reporting is done during the lifetime of the insurance contract in a timely manner. Our team of reporting professionals is specialized in this field and are getting a lot of credit for unburdening the life insurance company regarding their reporting duties.


    Of course, we cannot tell you everything on our website. Contact us so we can assess together how we can collaborate!

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    Of course, we cannot not tell everything on our website. If you are interested to collaborate, or if you are just curious, contact us! Together, we can quickly assess how we can help you the best.